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    my wife tiffany and i have been married for 12 years, have three amazing children and while that is my greatest achievement, i am completely fulfilled in my opportunity to photograph weddings. i am an artist at heart and feel a driving force to want to create soulful, timeless images for my wedding clients. it is the beginning of "forever" for you and I have huge respect for that union and for this particular time in your life.

    i am a pretty laid back guy but on a wedding day, i get excited, i get motivated and i get adrenaline. yes, every wedding... still. i have been photographing weddings in toronto for 6 years and i can tell you that i still enjoy this profession very much.

    for me the photographs we create together is magical and it is very a personal thing. i seem to attract couples who really enjoy the wedding process, take great pride in the details and really care about the photographs. from feedback i know my couples are not the type to have photography as an after thought, but consider it such an important part of the day.

    most of my weddings are in the greater toronto area but i have had the honor of photographing some pretty spectacular destination weddings as well! thailand, india, mexico, bahamas, switzerland and more.

    i hope with this little bio you get a sense of who i am. i am a guy who loves creating wedding photographs that wow. . 113 davenport, toronto on, m5r 3r3 . 289.814.5319

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